General conditionsfor renting a car

The price includes :

  • Unlimited mileage
  • "Third Party Liability" Insurance
  • Car Insurance *
  • taxes on the territory of Republic Bulgaria
  • 24h assistance in the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Road Map of Bulgaria

* Applies to provide protocol CT . Not valid on alcohol , drugs or other intoxicants , and failure of the law on road traffic.

Rent a car car-ico

Requirements driver


Renting a car driver ( tenants) must be at least 21 years, a valid driver's license with at least 3 years experience and identity document.

Hired car can be driven only by the persons listed in the lease . After submitting the necessary documents can be entered and additional drivers free of charge.


  • - For Delivery / Collection :
    • * Within the city of Varna , Varna Airport , St. Constantine and Elena resort Golden Sands fee will be charged.
    • * Varna - Sofia - 80 euros / direction
    • * Varna - Albena - 10 euro / direction
    • * Varna - Balchik - 15 euro / direction
    • * Varna - Burgas - 30 euros / direction
    • * Bulgaria - Sunny Beach - 25 euros / direction
  • - If you lose your documents, keys or vehicle registration number , Lessee owes a sum of € 150.
  • - Additional equipment:
    • * Child seat - 3 euros/day
    • * GPS Navigation - 5 euros/day
    • * Mobile phone card - 5 euros/day
  • - Fee for driver : € 20/8h

Period of hire


The minimum rental period is 24 hours from the time of the rent mentioned in the lease .

- Upon returning the car after the expiry of the contract without warning the customer will be charged as follows: 1 hour - free; 1-4 hours - half day ; over 4 hours - all day.

Prices and payment


Rental fee is determined by the price for one-day use against rental period set by My-Rent a car-Varna. It is paid in cash upon delivery of the vehicle and signing the lease.

Lessee shall pay a deposit of between 100 and 300 euros ( depending on the class of the vehicle ) . After the vehicle is returned in the condition in which it is employed , the deposit is returned .

Responsibilities renter


Lessee shall refer carefully to the rented vehicle , ensuring the normal operation of the engine and monitor the oil level and coolant, to protect and lock the car.

  • - In case of damage , loss or termination of the lease the tenant is obliged to return the used car in the form in which it is obtained without defects.
  • - The renter is fully liable for all violations and shall pay all fines imposed during the use of the vehicle and all made possible consequences of violations of the laws of the country.
  • - The renter is fully liable for the actions of the driver of the rented vehicle.
  • - The tenant has no right to use the leased vehicle :
    • * If under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • * For racing , sports and off-road driving
    • * to sublease to third parties
    • * with a criminal record
    • * for the carriage of dangerous goods and towing other cars

Damages, loss , theft, technical problems , etc.


In case of damage, loss or theft of the vehicle or parts thereof, as well as fire or breaking glass , the Lessee shall immediately notify Lessor of occurrence. He is obliged to report all facts , circumstances and evidence in relation to it , and to cooperate fully with Lessor and the insurance company to clarify the incident and the damages .

  • - To document the theft or damage to the local police department of the place of performance or the traffic police and the police take the document certifying the event.
  • - In case of technical problem , the Lessee shall immediately notify Lessor , which in turn take steps to eliminate the problem and if you have to provide a replacement vehicle .
  • - In the event of a puncture , the Lessee is obliged to replace it with a spare . If there is a problem then contact the landlord.



All vehicles are covered for liability insurance and CASCO.

  • - In case of accident, when the client provide a report from the Police , in which he is not guilty , pay nothing.
  • - Insurance does not apply in damages on tires, wheels, windows, chassis and interior, partial failures , loss of parts or accessories.
  • - In case of damage attributable to the Lessee as a result of which the car is not able to be rented for a period of time , the deposit shall be deducted the same amount of € 150 as compensation for the temporary inapplicability of the car.
  • - In case the client does not provide the required documents from the Police to accident pay the full amount of damages.
  • - In case the client does not provide the necessary documents from the Police in case of theft or total damage , he is responsible to pay the full insured value of the car.

Border rentals


Available only upon request. Charge a one-off fee of € 60 or € 100 , depending on the class of vehicle rented . Required double deposit. Some destinations are not allowed.



The car is rented with a full tank of fuel and when returned must have a full tank . In case of lack of fuel , the Lessee shall pay the required amount , it is considered 1 , 50 euro / liter.